Undergraduate Programs of Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Computer science is the study of information and algorithms within the context of real and abstract computing devices which covers practical development in computer systems software and application areas that lead to theoretical investigations of computers, algorithms and data. Computer engineering is a closely related field that is concerned with the designing of computer hardware for complying software systems to the solution of technological problems. 

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Feni University is offering four-year undergraduate degree program in Computer Science and Engineering. The bachelor degree program requires 150.00 credits and is spread over 12 semesters with 3 semesters per year.Computer science and computer engineering are the fields of unparalleled excitement and opportunity, wand for the future technology, where smartest young people have unlimited scope of study and work in the field of research & development, employment in the information technology industries, business leadership in public and private sectors. 

The objective of undergraduate education in Computer Science & Engineering is to become competent IT professionals and engineers. More preciously, it builds up the foundation that will endure technological advancement and futuristic changes.

Duration of the Program
The duration of Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Computer Science & Engineering program is 4 (four) years, which is divided into 12 (twelve) semesters. Each Semester will be of 16 (sixteen) weeks of which 15 (fifteen) are for class room teaching, class test, presentation and mid-term examination etc. and 1 (one) week for conducting final Semester examination. However, students shall have to complete the degree of Bachelor of Science with Honors in not more than 6 (six) academic years. Each theoretical course is of 3 (three) credits, and laboratory courses are of 1.5 & 0.75 credits according to their respective theoretical courses. There will be 3 (three) classes of 1 (one) hour per week for each theoretical course. On the other hand,  laboratory courses of 1.5 credit have a session of 3(three) hours per week and laboratory courses of 0.75 credit have a session of 3(three) hours per alternative week.