Message of the Vice-chancellor

Hello, my dear students. As Vice-chancellor, I would sincerely welcome you in this emergent university that is full of latent talents and prospects.

Feni is a far flanked area of the country. It has long been known as an area with promise and prospects; people are conscientious here, quite sizeable revenue of this region accrues from remittance coming from people working outside the country. The present development themes of rapid knowledge expansion, globalized commerce and culture, continuous education needs of people in a knowledge based global economy inevitably create imbalance in the distribution of opportunities for growth and development of the people. This is primarily due to non-linear nature of knowledge transfer of from research centres to the commercial market place in a very much compressed timescales of technology derivation and transfer. This imbalance is especially created in the far flanked areas of the country as the mechanisms of transfer of technology in the area often do not function as they are. Thus the demand of higher education has to have different regional perspectives in the country which is often not fulfilled due to lack of proper facilities.

The establishment of this university in Feni in 2012 was an excellent attempt on the part of a group of philanthropists having concern for higher education in this part of Bangladesh. The university thus has a strong beneficial regional perspective in catering to the need of higher education at an affordable cost. The university is growing steadily. Since its establishment the management is relentlessly striving for quality education. This university has already attained a significant degree of excellence in different manifestations of quality and standard of education and as such the university is now at the stage of comparing itself with some of the known private universities that have excelled in higher education quality in the country. Quality of teachers and teaching, teaching and learning environment, student-centred curricula and program, sincerity and integrity of the teachers, physical facilities of class rooms, laboratories and library, teacher-student ratio, extracurricular activities of games and sports, literary and cultural activities and the general approach of the management towards the whole gamut of university functioning are but the important requisites for quality determinants of a university and I have no doubt in my mind to say that Feni University has really attained an important landmark in quality education in the country.

I would urge upon the future students and the parents and guardians to pay a keen attention to the quality aspects of the university and the semester fee structure that we offer in different program of studies. Excepting to the fees charged by a few private universities in Dhaka and Chittagong, the fees that we offer are the cheapest in private university education in the country. If this is so then I would urge upon the admission seekers as to why they should not place their valuable choice for admission in Feni University.

Achieving excellence in quality is a continuous phenomenon and we believe that there is no place of over complacence in it and as such our striving for quality improvement would continue to keep up.

Long live Feni University, long live Bangladesh.  


(Prof. Dr. Md. Saifuddin Shah)
Feni University