Graduate Programs of Department of English

English, as a field of study, carries a pivotal role especially in countries where it is not the mother tongue due to multiple factors. By and large, English education is designed in almost all countries to prepare students planning to develop career mainly as English Teacher. This program develops an individual through knowledge of grammar, composition, language, and literature, including a theoretical base for continuous research in each of these areas. In addition, it contains a strong fundamental knowledge of the educational process and specific training in those methods which are appropriate and effective for English Language Teaching (ELT).

The Department of English offers English education to students wishing to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in English. Apart from developing career in teaching English, it will also help learners prepare themselves for better jobs in any other occupations. 

Program Objectives:

The Department of English will offer M.A.  in English with coverage in English Literature, ELT (English Language Teaching) and Linguistics. This program aims at providing modern and extensive education in English literature and language and preparing students as well-trained English professionals to meet the demand of national and international English professionals. The program also aims at:

  • training the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening English as a foreign language;
  • reading analytically;
  • thinking critically and logically;
  • learn basic research methodology;
  • know about the major literary movements and periods, authors and their representative works and critical theories related to English literature;
  • developing competence in aesthetic appreciation of literature and its contribution to human life;
  • students understand other countries and cultures and
  • preparing students and participate in departmental forums and in other literary and cultural activities.


Duration of the Program:

  • The duration of the M.A. in English Program is 2 (two) year, which is divided into 6 (six) semesters and the 1(one) year M.A in English Program is divided into 3(three) semesters. Each Semester will be of sixteen 16 (sixteen) weeks of which 15 (fifteen) are for class room teaching, class test, presentation and midterm examination etc. and 1 (one) week for conducting final Semester examination. However, students shall have to complete the degree of Masters of Arts in not more than 3 (three) and 2 (two) academic years for 2 (two) year and 1 (one) year program respectively.
  • Each course is of 3 (three) credits and for each course there will be three 3 (three) lectures per week of 1 (one) hour.

Admission Requirements:

Students passing the 4-year B.A. (Hons.) examination from an Education Board of Bangladesh or a recognized equivalent examination from home and abroad may be admitted to the program of Masters of Arts of 1(one) year and those who passed 3(three) years pass course may be admitted for the 2(two) year Masters of Arts in this University on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the University from time to time. For admission, a student must have minimum GPA 2.50 in B.A. (Hons.) and Pass course or equivalent.