Facilities of Department of Civil Engineering

1. Modern Curriculum 
The curriculum follwed by the department is a prepared after intensive research of curriculums of world famous universities and very much up rto date with modern trends of Civil Engineering. This curriculum  is approved and consistently monitored for regular upgradation by University Grant Commision (UGC) , Bangladesh.
2. Qualified Faculty Members  
Almost all the faculty members in this department are highly qualified. The faculty members are from reknowned public universities with attractive academic background and also very skilled in teaching as well as research activities. Almost all of them have published research articles in various fields.
3. Well Equiped Lab Facilities
The department is very rich with well eqiped lab facilities. Following labs are already in action with world class facilities-
Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory 
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Environmental Engineering 
Surveying Laboratory
Engineering Drawing Laboratory
Software Application Laboratory
Few other lab for Water Supply Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Solid Mechanics are in progress of installation.
4. Credit Transfer 
The department allow transfer students from other universities to achieve a bachelor degree here and also outgoing transfer in case of any students need to transfer.
5. Field Attatchment
The department emphasize in field attachment of the students along with the academic regular activities. Many students of this department is engaged with construction and other civil engineering activities.