Office of the  Proctor

“Welcome to the Proctor’s Office. The Proctor’s Office is the first contact point for any matter of discipline. Our role is to maintain administrative and academic harmony within the University . If there is any issue regarding personal safety and non-academic disputes we are here to help. We also take care of unauthorized access to the university premises, safeguard of the assets and compliance of the FU Code of Conduct.

Mohammad Moniruzzaman
Proctor (In-Charge)

Mission Statement of Proctor’s Office:

An environment of peace and civility is a pre-condition to the pursuit of higher education in a university. Proctor’s Office of Feni University is determined to maintain the environment free from indiscipline, disorder and violence.

The Proctor is directly responsible to the Hon’ble Vice-chancellor. He is responsible for the discipline and conduct of students within the University campus. 

The Proctor’s role is to ensure the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the university.

Specific areas:

To take such steps as he thinks necessary for the purpose of ensuring disciplined behavior and good conduct on the part of every student  within the University Campus;

- To take necessary steps to ensure the safety of the students.

- To assist in solving non-academic disputes among the students. 

- To control unauthorized access to the university premises; and

- To take suitable action against any student who willfully damages, disfigures or destroys University properties;

- To ensure that the FU Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures are properly followed.

The Proctor’s Office  assesses and investigates complaints, and takes necessary steps to solve any dispute.

 If it fails to resolve any dispute, depending on the gravity of the offenses and as per the advice of the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor the case will be forwarded to the FU Disciplinary Committee. In an emergency, the Proctor can seek help of any employee of the University in the discharge of his duties in the University or outside.

It will make a constructive coordination with the Students’ Advisor Office.



Proctor (In-charge)

Mohammad Moniruzzaman
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Law

Room: A 204
Mobile: +8801818438637