Feni University offers the following facilities for students to Keep them equipped with modern knowledge for academic success and in the process of transition from university life to practical life in this modern world. 

Qualified and Experienced Faculty Members:

FU provides an advanced theoretical and practical knowledge on the subjects of choice for the students. The curriculum of this university is updated with that of the North American and European University systems. Faculty members are highly professional and have excellent expertise on their respective areas. They are on full time and are drawn from the reputed public universities viz., BUET, CUET, SUST, DU, & CU; some of them are trained from foreign universities of USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia and Sweden. The teachers are young, in comparison and with teacher-students ratio standing at 1:19, a very best close-up relation and monitoring of the students in their progress of studies is achieved at.


Proper educational environment is essential for a university. Feni University is committed and facilitates a solitary and comfortable spacious campus at its present location beside the Trunk Road in Feni City. The university campus is free from politics, smoking and drugs. The permanent campus is in the process of development on an 11 acres land beside Dhaka-Chittagong highway, about 5 km away from Mohipal. 

Well Furnished Air Conditioned Class Rooms :

The University has been providing students with well-furnished air-conditioned classrooms for better teaching learning environment in the classrooms. All classrooms are specious for the students to attend the classes comfortably.

Modern Computer Lab:

The University has been maintaining a firm commitment to providing modern laboratory facilities to all the students for practical sessions in line with the theoretical lessons since its inception.

 WiFi Campus:

The whole campus is supplied high speed WiFi facility for the students

 Specialized Seminars and Workshop:

Different specialized workshops and seminars are arranged for the students of all programs from time to time to increase their efficiency and competence. Experts from different universities, institutions and national & multinational organizations are invited in these workshops and seminars.

 Quality Education at an Affordable Cost:

With relentless efforts for quality education the University has attained significant degree of excellence in manifestations of quality and standard in comparison to other prominent private universities in the country. Quality of teachers and teaching, teaching and learning environment, student cantered curricula and program, sincerity and integrity of the teachers, physical facilities of class rooms, laboratories, library and teacher-student ratio are but the important quality indices and with respect to these the University has really attained important landmark in quality education. With regard to fee structure, excepting to fees of a few private universities in Dhaka and Chittagong, the fees charged by FU is the cheapest in private university education.

 Enriched Library:

Feni University has a rich and modern library with modern facilities for students. Library is providing its services efficiently as much as possible to students' satisfaction. Students are allowed to read books & journals and daily & weekly newspapers in the reading room of the library.