The Feni University Registrar's Office ensures the accuracy, integrity and security of the academic records of the University; and serves students, faculty, staff, alumni and the other community.

Office of the Registrar

Dr. Mirza Ataur Rahman

Deputy Registrar
Phone: 0331-69131-33,62194; Ext: 201
Mobile: 01819-86528


Members, Office of the Registrar

Syed Mohiuddin Hayder

Assistant Registrar (Academic),

Phone: 0331-69131-33,62194; Ext: 417

Mobile: 01712-524890

Md. Hashanul Banna

Assistant Registrar,
Phone: 0331-69131-33,62194; Ext: 202
Mobile: 01816-36398


Reashad Shiraj

Section Officer (Admission),
Phone: 0331-69131-33,62194; Ext: 202
Mobile: 0167-5232858


Jewel Hossain

Assistant officer (Computer) ,
Mobile: 01812-615879